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Into The K-Pop World

Why So Many Former Emos Are Now K-Pop Fans

Something about these two seemingly disparate genres seems to bring the same people together.
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mental health

The Sort of Parents ‘Generation Anxiety’ Will Grow Up to Be

How mental health intersects with our decision on whether or not to have kids in the future.
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The Weird World Of K-Pop Prediction Accounts

What do you do when your favorite artist reveals absolutely nothing about their private lives? You turn to other, more prophetic means.
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Skin from Skunk Anansie Will Always Be a True Original

We spoke to her about the lessons learned fronting a band that's been a haven for queer, angsty fans for 25 years.
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we saw this

BTS’ Live Show Is a Glowing, Self-Affirming Safe Haven

For fans of the Korean boyband, like myself, their "love yourself" mantra swells in size in a live setting like London's O2 Arena.
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Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked Some Goths What They Actually Think About Death

“We’re more aware of our own mortality than 'normal people', because we embrace it.”
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Important Questions Raised By...

Searching for the True Meaning of Goth in 2018

The subculture has undergone a number of evolutions over the years, so I went to a goth festival in Germany to find out what it even means today.
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Hey Evanescence Fans, What’s the Most Goth Thing You’ve Ever Done?

"I got my clit pierced on my lunch break.”
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Fandom Week

"Come to Brazil!!" Is the Meme That Will Never Die

From honest plea to punchline: why Brazilians give so much of a shit about pop stars visiting their country.
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Does Christmas Really Come Earlier Every Year?

It's a commonly held belief that Christmas makes itself known sooner year on year. But is there any truth to the "Christmas creep"?
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We Asked People at London Zoo Which Animals They'd Be Happy to See Die Off Forever

If we continue at the rate we're going, we're going to lose two-thirds of all species by 2020. If you had the choice, which species would you lose?
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All The Weird Shit People Say to You Based on Your Dating App Photo

We asked a load of people with distinctive "looks" on dating apps about the opening lines and fetish suggestions they've received.
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