Daniel Oberhaus

I report on (astro/nuclear/quantum) physics, artificial intelligence, space exploration, the future of energy, DIY tech/open source development, and the psychedelic renaissance. 


Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine

The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is a network of tech-fueled anarchists taking on Big Pharma with DIY medicines.
Daniel Oberhaus

Brain Genius Submerges His Bitcoin Mining Rig in a Giant Vat of Oil

The immersion-cooled Bitcoin mining rig cost about $120,000 to make and looks like something straight out of ‘Stargate.’
Daniel Oberhaus

We May Have Identified What Lies at the Outermost Edge of Our Solar System

New Horizons is the first spacecraft in nearly three decades to observe what appears to be evidence of a hydrogen wall at the edge of the heliosphere.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Website Lets You Track Elon Musk’s Sports Car Through Space

Dude, where's my luxury Tesla?
Daniel Oberhaus
When the Drugs Hit

What It’s Like to Smoke Salvia for Science

I was the final volunteer in the world's first brain imaging study on salvia divinorum.
Daniel Oberhaus

Researchers Developed a Technique to Turn Nearly a Quarter of Our Plastic Waste into Fuel

The process could help convert millions of tons of plastic we generate every year into an gasoline and diesel-like fuel.
Daniel Oberhaus

Leaving Facebook Makes You Happier and Less Informed, Study Finds

When researchers measured the welfare of hundreds of people who left Facebook for a month, they found they were happier, less politically informed, more active in IRL activities, and less likely to go back to Facebook.
Daniel Oberhaus

Watch Scientists Accidentally Blow Up Their Lab With The Strongest Indoor Magnetic Field Ever

Researchers at the University of Tokyo were expecting to create a strong magnetic field, but they got a lot more than they were bargaining for.
Daniel Oberhaus

I Stopped Using a Computer Mouse for a Week and It Was Amazing

Your life will be so much easier if you force yourself to learn keyboard shortcuts.
Daniel Oberhaus
black holes

Astronomers May Have Seen a Star Turn Into a Black Hole for the First Time

Last year astronomers witnessed an explosion like no other. Now astronomers are debating if what they witnessed was the exact moment a star became a black hole.
Daniel Oberhaus
black holes

Astronomers Discover a Supermassive Black Hole Rotating At Half the Speed of Light

The astronomers took advantage of a fortuitous discovery to measure the rotation of a supermassive black hole with unprecedented accuracy.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Teen Translated a Bible Verse Into DNA and Injected it Into Himself

Will bioengineering become the hot new teen trend?
Daniel Oberhaus