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Trump's Tweeting Out Some Wild Memes During This Coronavirus Outbreak

What did you do Sunday night?
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russian election interference

Trump Cannot Believe He's Been Endorsed by the Kremlin Again: 'Hoax Number 7!'

He's really not keen on new reports from U.S. intel agencies that Russia is working hard to get him reelected.
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The Pro-Trump Media Basically Just Kicked Mitt Romney Out of the GOP

The entire weight of the pro-Trump media machine crashed down on the Utah senator.
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2020 Iowa Brown & Black Forum

Everything That Went Down at the 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum

8 Democratic presidential hopefuls took questions from VICE News on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Here's what happened.
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How Instagram and GoFundMe Got Tangled Up in U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

GoFundMe reinstated two fundraisers for Canadian victims of the Tehran plane crash after verifying the funds wouldn’t go to individuals covered under sanctions.
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Trump’s reelection campaign

Trump Is Congratulating Himself in Facebook Ads for Killing Soleimani

“Take the Official Trump Military Survey TODAY to let me know what you think of my leadership as Commander-in-Chief.” And then donate.
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Trump’s Threat to Commit War Crimes Is Totally Cool with Twitter

The platform's policies give wide leeway to world leaders in the interest of letting users see newsworthy information.
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2020 election

Michael Bloomberg Is Spending ‘Insane’ Money to Own Trump Online. Literally.

The former New York City mayor has spent almost $200 million, and he still has billions left in his account.
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Monsey stabbing

What We Know About the Machete-Wielding Suspect in the Monsey Hanukkah Attack

The feds have filed hate crimes charges after finding handwritten journals and other evidence pointing to a motive behind the rampage that left five injured.
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Facebook Is Still Trying to Ban an Italian Far-Right Group that Idolizes Mussolini

Facebook is appealing a ruling that forced it to reinstate the pages of a far-right group that idolizes Mussolini and demonizes immigrants.
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Trump Just Wrote 14 Tweets Full of Impeachment Feelings

Did Trump just brag on Twitter about ... his hearing?
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The Christchurch Terror Attack Video Is Still Spreading on Facebook

The company took down at least 3 million more posts by the end of September.
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