Elizabeth Sankey

My Favourite Soundtrack

How Twilight Ushered in a New Dawn For Movie Soundtracks

Ten years since its release, we look back on the soundtrack that brought indie acts like Bon Iver and St Vincent to the mainstream.
Elizabeth Sankey
The Score

The Score: Mapping the Music and Extravagant Style of 'Marie Antoinette'

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Sofia Coppola-directed flick we dissect the music (Bow Wow Wow, Phoenix, The Strokes!) and style (opulent!) of France's teen queen.
Elizabeth Sankey

The Welcome Rise of Female Characters Who Have the Freedom to Be Gloriously Messed Up

Television and film have always celebrated the damaged, overwritten male antihero, but now women are being portrayed in the same shades of muddled, bloody gray.
Elizabeth Sankey

'Gilmore Girls' Deserves to Be Remembered as More Than Just Feelgood Fluff

The family saga is returning to Netflix for a seventh season. Hopefully now it will be remembered as more than just a source of Rory reaction GIFs.
Elizabeth Sankey
The Score

Witches and Rebellious Women: Why 'The Craft' Continues to Kick Ass

Nineteen years after its release and we're all still dressing like this coven of misfits. We map the movie's music, style, and abiding appeal.
Elizabeth Sankey
2005 week

Popped Collars, Skinny Jeans, and The Pussycat Dolls: WTF Was Up with Fashion in 2005?

Maybe if we could see out from under our asymmetric haircuts, we'd have realized how terrible we looked.
Elizabeth Sankey
The Score

The Enduring Appeal of 'The Virgin Suicides'

It remains Sofia Coppola's finest film—the perfect melding of sound and vision, teen passion and inexplicable tragedy, and plenty of 70s sartorial flair.
Elizabeth Sankey
Behind The Lens

Behind the Scenes of Summer Camp's 90s Teen Slasher Video "Bad Love"

Indie-pop duo and real life lovers Summer Camp take their 90s obsession to the next level here.
Elizabeth Sankey
The Score

Mapping the Music and Style of 'Tank Girl'

Gwen Stefani based her look off 'Tank Girl,' plus there are cameos from Iggy Pop and Ice-T, as well as a soundtrack curated by Courtney Love—this post-apocalyptic flick is due for some dissection.
Elizabeth Sankey

If You've Ever Obsessed Over Teen Movies, 'Beyond Clueless' Will Be Your New Bible

Summer Camp singer Elizabeth interviews director Charlie Lyne about his excellent teen film documentary—which boasts narration by Fairuza Balk. 'The Craft'!
Elizabeth Sankey
VICE vs Video games

I've Known 'The Secret of Monkey Island' for 25 Years and I'm Still in Love

A love letter to the funny but nearly impossible point-and-click adventure game.
Elizabeth Sankey
The Greatest Things Of All Time

Björk's New LP 'Vulnicura' Is Like Bill Murray, So It's Got That Going for It

Which is nice.
Elizabeth Sankey