Ella Strickland de Souza

Save Yourselves

Exclusive: Climate Experts Predict 'Grim Future' For Nuclear Power

In FOI documents seen by VICE, academics advising the UK government’s nuclear watchdog warn of a climate-invoked disaster.
Rick Lyons

My Dad Got Hoaxed By the Anti-5G Conspiracy Movement

I dived into the conspiracy theory movement and entered a world of con artists, thousands of pounds in fundraising – and a shooting.
Megan Lily Large

I Asked 'Love Experts' to Help Me Get Back With My Ex

A growing industry of people with zero qualifications are trying to help people get back with their former partners. Does it work?
Annie Lord
sex and relationships

An Investigation: What's Better – Curved Dicks or Straight Dicks?

An answer must be found.
Gina Tonic
sex and relationships

Bisexual Women Explain Why They Hate Being 'Unicorn Hunted' for Threesomes

As non-monogamous dating and polyamory have become more popular, the practice of couples using dating apps to deceive women into being their mythical "third" is on the rise.
Sophie Hemery

What We Can't Talk About When We Talk About Our Grandparents

Most of us don't think much about what happens at the end of life for our loved ones, but it might be better for everyone if we did.
Francisco Garcia

Why I Decided to Start Kink Shaming Myself

I've invited abuse into my sex life for too long.
James Greig
mental health

How Do You Know When to Quit Therapy?

When I imagined finishing therapy it was always with a sense of capability and optimism, but what I got instead was the overwhelming feeling that I was giving up.
Emma Garland