Gavin Haynes

The Truth and Lies Issue

How a Young Girl's Death in 2000 Gave Birth to an Urban Legend

On July 1, in a tiny English village, eight-year-old Sarah Payne was playing with her brothers and sister in a country lane. Then she wasn’t. The media panic that followed is a case study in how urban legends are born and spread.
Gavin Haynes
2 days ago

Six Highly Unlikely Brexit Outcomes – One of Which Must Happen This Week

As the clock keeps ticking, there's a hat-trick of Brexit votes in Parliament this week.
Gavin Haynes

Forget What You've Heard: A Second Brexit Referendum Still Won't Happen

Forcing one would be electoral suicide.
Gavin Haynes

The Strange Story of the Lab Mouse Bred to Die

The "Oncomouse" was developed to help scientists cure cancer. The catch is that it develops breast cancer six months into its existence.
Gavin Haynes

Theresa May Managed to Cling On – Here's What Comes Next

She might be bolstered by winning the vote of no confidence, but her authority is still ebbing away.
Gavin Haynes

What the Theresa May Vote of No Confidence Means for Brexit

Could the UK's Conservative Party even hold a leadership election right now?
Gavin Haynes

The Dirty Story of How Big Tobacco Was Brought Down to Size

This month is the 20th anniversary of a deal that changed the face of smoking – and prompted a bunch of dirty tactics from the tobacco companies in the process.
Gavin Haynes

The Saga of the British Man Cracking Down On 'Fake Homelessness'

Ashley Sims is convinced that "professional beggars" are taking over his hometown.
Gavin Haynes

I Tried to Pay an Online Essay Writing Service to Write This Article

The service for students told me an essay defending cheating the university system would be a "piece of cake".
Gavin Haynes
South Africa

South Africa's New President Has Got His Work Cut Out

It's his first day in the job, and he's greeted by a divided party, rampant corruption and a city about to run out of water
Gavin Haynes
Fair Trade

The Future of Beauty

We took a tour of London's Aesthetics Conference to see the lasers, gases, creams and snake oils being touted as the next big thing in anti-ageing.
Gavin Haynes

All the Weird Stuff You Probably Didn't Know About Hugh Hefner

A look back at the life of a man who made bunny rabbits sexy.
Gavin Haynes