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What Twitter's Preference for Ted Cruz With Big Anime Boobs Says About AI Bias

Twitter's cropping feature prefers white faces over black faces, fat Pikachu over skinny Pikachu, and Rachel Dolezal over Obama.
Gita Jackson
3 days ago
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It Took This YouTuber Five Years to Have 100 Babies In 'The Sims 4'

What's the bigger deal: completing the 100 Baby Challenge or graduating college?
Gita Jackson

The Best Thing You Can Do For 'Math Girl' Is Leave Her Alone

Mathematicians agreed that she was right to question why we need algebra, but Gracie Cunningham is just trying to vibe.
Gita Jackson
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DC's Best Comic Right Now Is Not So Quietly About the Horror of the Iraq War

Strange Adventures is about a broken man making a terrible mistake.
Gita Jackson
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The 'AT&T Girl' Knows You're Obsessed With Her

"Showing people I have feelings will just make them want to hurt my feelings even more."
Gita Jackson

Mentally, We Are Anywhere But Here

The internet has given us the ability to speak in multimedia, and that's the only way to even begin to describe how we're all doing.
Gita Jackson
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Black 'The Sims 4' Players Are Changing One of the World’s Biggest Games

The Sims has been an industry leader in terms of diversity and inclusion, but black players have been fighting to see themselves in the game for years.
Gita Jackson

Why These Twins Can Make Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' Trend 47 Years After Release

TwinsTheNewTrend, the channel of Tim and Fred Williams, remind us all how wonderful it is to learn about new things.
Gita Jackson
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'Please Don't Listen to My Music,' Artists Tell Pewdiepie

"Just woke up, found out Pewdiepie listens to me and others, Pewdiepie please don’t listen to my music. Okay, back to bed."
Gita Jackson

You Don't Hate Charcuterie, You Just Hate Rich People

Charcuterie boards have always belonged to the working class.
Gita Jackson

Taylor Swift Super Fans Are Furious About a Good Review

Pitchfork's positive review took Folklore from a 90 to an 89 on review aggregator Metacritic. For some fans, that's unforgivable.
Gita Jackson
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The Sims Discovers Hygge With a New Knitting Expansion

Yarny is cottagecore now, I don't make the rules.
Gita Jackson