Haisam Hussein

The 2017 Music Issue

A Tribute to the World's Largest Rock Band

An infographic on 1,000 musicians.
Haisam Hussein

Your Jeans Are Ruining the Earth

Denim's environmental impact is huge
Haisam Hussein
The Restless Youth Issue

A Timeline of Youth in Revolt

The world’s youth have always found ways to stand up for what’s right.
Haisam Hussein

Women Are Taking Over the World's Democracies

We take a look at global democracy and the rise of women leaders ahead of the US presidential election.
Haisam Hussein

This Is How Alternative Energy Works

The move away from fossil fuels seems to be gaining momentum, and a number of creative solutions have emerged.
Haisam Hussein
The Listen Closely Issue

A Breakdown of Extreme Body Modification

This month's infographic explores the process of body modification, from subdermal horns and lip splitting to scarification and cheek gauges.
Haisam Hussein
The We Missed You Issue

How Cops Control Crowds

A graphic look into the types of weapons governments use to keep the public at bay.
Haisam Hussein
The Up in Flames Issue

Infographic: Traditional Medicine Fuels the Mass Slaughter of Wild Animals

Humans are uniquely gifted at driving other animals into extinction.
Haisam Hussein
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

Infographic: California Hasn't Been This Dry in a Millennium

The drought is fanning literal and figurative flames.
Haisam Hussein
The Prison Issue

Infographic: A Breakdown of America's Life Behind Bars

When it comes to prisons, the US favors quantity over quality. We lock up millions and then release them ill-equipped to reenter society, hampered by debt from prison fees, and barred from certain forms of government assistance.
Haisam Hussein
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Infographic: Fewer Americans Are Seeing the Benefits of Higher Education

Since the 60s, college enrollment has gone up and down, but overall it's risen steadily. We're now once again in a downturn, and it may be due to the healthy economy.
Haisam Hussein
The Make Believe Issue

Endless Summer Numbers

Here are a bunch of stats to remind you what summer is in case you've been stuck in the office since May.
Haisam Hussein