the rumble in the jungle

How Muhammad Ali Stunned the World at the Rumble in the Jungle

The Rumble in the Jungle was a fight of such significance that it transcended boxing, perhaps even sport as a whole, to become a moment of 20th century history. This is how it happened.
Jim Weeks
Paying for It

Formula 1’s Strange Relationship with 'Pay Drivers'

Once derided as possessing far more money than talent, pay drivers are now ubiquitous in F1 – and some of them are bloody quick. What does this often pejorative term mean in the modern context?
Jim Weeks
On the Run

Meet the Man Who's Just Run an Ultra Marathon on All Seven Continents

Joel Runyon completed the challenge to raise money for Pencils of Promise, a charity that builds schools in the developing world.
Jim Weeks

The Neutral’s Guide to Falling In Love With… Southampton

In our latest Neutral's Guide we head for the crisp sea air of the south coast, home to what many consider to be the best-run club in the Premier League.
Jim Weeks
Le Tournoi de France

Le Tournoi: The Forgettable Competition with an Immortal Highlight

It has been 20 years since Le Tournoi gave football one of the greatest goals of all time. Roberto Carlos' strike lit up the competition, but it was England who triumphed in this oft-forgotten international contest.
Jim Weeks
fox hunting

A Political Bloodsport: the Hunting Act in 2017 and Beyond

Last month Theresa May reaffirmed her support for fox hunting and promised a free vote during the next parliament. What is the future for this broadly unpopular bloodsport?
Jim Weeks
Monaco or Bust

A Formula 1 Crew Member Explains the Challenges of the Monaco Grand Prix

Fielding an F1 car is tough. Doing it in the cramped confines of Monaco is close to impossible. So how do the crews get the job done?
Jim Weeks
Football at the Crystal Palace

When the FA Cup Final Was Played in the Shadow of the Crystal Palace

Before the old Wembley was even built, the FA Cup Final made its home south of the river in Crystal Palace Park. For 20 years, the biggest game in the country was played in the shadow of a grand glass house.
Jim Weeks
premier league

The Neutral’s Guide to Falling In Love With… Chelsea

In the latest instalment of our Neutral's Guide series, we head for West London to ask Chelsea fans what it means to be a Blue in 2017.
Jim Weeks

The Jewish Boxing Champion Who Fell in With Britain's Fascist Firebrand

A star of boxing during the early years of the twentieth century, Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis ranks among the finest fighters Britain has ever produced. But, when his career in the ring was over, the former champion had a strange dalliance with far-right politics.
Jim Weeks
shameless imitation

A Celebration of Football's Greatest Copycat Clubs

​Originality is overrated. These are some of football's most famous copycat clubs from across the globe.
Jim Weeks
the death of ayrton senna

The Death of Ayrton Senna and the Long Search for Blame

Ayrton Senna died on 1 May 1994. What followed was a grim afterword to the great Brazilian's life story: the search for an explanation and, ultimately, for someone to blame for his death.
Jim Weeks