Rainbow Chan's Perfect Pop Speaks Beyond the Australian Experience

We're premiering the Hong Kong-born, Sydney-based artist's beautiful new single. She spoke to us about heritage, romance and new beginnings.
Emma Do
Delta Week

‘Hating Alison Ashley’ Was Australia’s ‘Mean Girls’

'Hating Alison Ashley' was designed as a star vehicle for Delta Goodrem; instead, it offered a surprisingly realistic portrait of Australia's social inequality.
Jonno Revanche

Dylan Voller Is the Prison Reform Activist Australia Needs

"I just think using the jails should be an absolute last resort... as a young person, it can definitely wreck your mentality."
Enoch Mailangi
Jonno Revanche
Remembering Things

Looking Back on the Work of Synth Legend Suzanne Ciani

We talk to the director of "A Life in Waves", a new biopic on the 70s producer who taught Philip Glass how to play synth.
Jonno Revanche
we saw this

Air Breathe New Life Into “Twentyears” At the Sydney Opera House

The French electro-pop duo shine in Australia’s most famous building.
Jonno Revanche

Feeling it Out with Gussy

We sat down with the multi-disciplined artist in Sydney's South-Eastern suburbs to talk identity, performance, and hoping that people dance.
Jonno Revanche

Stay Serene in 2017 and Listen to Tracy Chen

We spoke to the Australian songwriter—whose ambient pop really calmed our nerves last year—about K-pop, simplicity, and working with Imogen Heap.
Jonno Revanche

Identity Politics and Counting Troye Sivan as a Fan: Hanging with Lonelyspeck in the Adelaide Suburbs

Meet Sione Teumogenga, the 24-year-old producer behind all the hype.
Jonno Revanche

Comic Artist Lee Lai Draws What It's Really Like to Fall in Love

Comics that capture the insecurities of intimacy.
Jonno Revanche

[Interview] Wilfrid Wood Makes Cheeky Plasticine Sculptures of People from the Internet

Wilfrid Wood’s clay creations encourage a sense of familiarity before turning your perceptions on their head.
Jonno Revanche
Noisey Blog

James Blake Isn't the Sad Guy You Want Him to Be

Noisey caught up with the electronic whizkid as he tours Australia.
Jonno Revanche