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The Guide to Getting Into Joni Mitchell, the Blueprint for Human Experience

Mitchell, in all her incarnations, remains a chief cartographer of American music and the female experience. Regardless of who you are, her map is made for you.
Katie Bain

Psychedelics Are Going Mainstream, Because the Mainstream Needs Them

Some experts predict practices like MDMA therapy will be legal in as little as three years.
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I Tried to Find Spiritual Enlightenment at a Music Festival

At Bhakti Fest, you'll find no alcohol, no meat, no cheese, no cigarettes, and no drugs—but you might find yourself.
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climate change

Reporting on Climate Change Is Harmful if You're Not Offering Solutions

Once-celebrated author and thinker Daniel Pinchbeck can't find an audience for his new book. He has a few ideas why.
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Festivals 2017

Bon Iver’s Dad Helped Me Discover the Secret Jazz History of His Hometown

How a weekend at Justin Vernon's Eaux Claires festival ended in the back of his dad's pickup and a trip to the dive bar down the road.
Katie Bain

How Music Helped a Transgender Pop Star Transition

Through seeing Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Prince on MTV, Kenny could better visualize becoming Mia.
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The Depressing Story of America’s Favorite Pump-Up Jam

C&C Music Factory's "Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" is still the go-to anthem for sports games everywhere—but its legacy is at the center of a bitter, decades-long legal battle.
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The Echo Society Is Pushing Classical Music into the Future

The LA ensemble's unique aural-visual performances are as likely to be inspired by Aphex Twin as they are by Mahler, featuring the likes of Chelsea Wolfe and The Haxan Cloak.
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festivals 2016

If You Missed Grace Jones at FYF Fest, You Screwed Up

This isn’t a comeback, because Grace Jones never left.
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festivals 2016

The Wisconsinites of Wisconsin's Eaux Claires Festival Weigh in on Wisconsin

We asked attendees at the Bon Iver-curated festival about their personal preferences regarding the state's most famous politicians, beers, quarterbacks and serial killers.
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we saw this

We Saw Bon Iver Debut the New Record '22, A Million' with a Bunch of Wet Wisconsinites

Justin Vernon and company played the new record at his music festival Eaux Claires in the north woods. Mother Nature was even in attendance.
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Lipstick, Bros, and the Grateful Dead: A Conversation with Nick Monaco

Recorded at a studio owned by Bob Weir, Monaco's new LP 'Half Naked' finds the club kid leaning into complex, guitar-tinged pop—with achingly beautiful and unabashedly sexy results.
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