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2015 Was Korean Rap's Breakthrough Year

If 2014 was the year the underground Korean rap scene captured mainstream attention, 2015 was the year it grew so big that even the Pacific Ocean couldn’t contain it.
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Are f(x) the Most Underappreciated Heroes of K-Pop?

With questions looming about f(x)'s place in Korean pop and their legacy, critics Madeleine Lee and Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy sit down to discuss the group and their excellent new album.
Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy
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An Epik Interview with Epik High

We caught up with the beloved rap pioneers at the end of the largest North American tour by any Korean act since 2010.
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The Noisey Guide to

The Noisey Guide to Korean Rap Pioneers Epik High

After a hiatus that sent one member into hiding from fans who wanted to kill him and the other two members into the military, one of Korea's favorite rap groups is back and about to tour North America.
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Korea’s Most Influential Hip-Hop Label Played at the Center of America’s Rap Universe

It’s hard to talk about innovation in Korean hip-hop without talking about Amoeba Culture, and it's hard to talk about American hip-hop without talking about Atlanta. What happens when the two come together?
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Deep Ass Questions

Who Is CL and Why Is She Leading the Vote for the Time 100?

The breakout star of K-pop sensations of 2NE1 is dominating a reader poll of the world's most influential people, and you may be hearing a lot more of her name in the year ahead.
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2 Chainz and Rollies: The Noisey Guide to Korean Rap Label Illionaire Records

Dok2, The Quiett, and Beenzino have the hottest rap label in Korea.
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