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My Cancer Treatment Has Made Erections Difficult. This Is How I Still Have Sex

"I was first reading about penile injections being like, 'yeah, I don’t think so.' But on the other side of surgery, when reality came in, it was like, 'yeah, let’s maybe give that a shot.'"
Mark Hay

My Sibling Molested Me. This Is How It Affects My Sex Life

"I was most traumatized as a child when I was asleep. Early on, I told Dave not to wake me up to be intimate, ever. That was a clear line, and he has respected it 100 percent."
Mark Hay

I'm HIV-Positive. My Partner Is Negative. This Is How We Have Sex

"One thing that really has been intimate about our respective statuses is that, versus a lot of other relationships, we’re more actively involved with each other’s holistic health."
Mark Hay

I Was Paralyzed in a Car Accident. This Is How I Have Sex

Three years ago, Laura and Jacob Beck were in a car crash and a tree came down on Laura's head. The Becks told us how they've navigated sex and intimacy, from rehab to today.
Mark Hay

Why Tiny Dicks Might Come Back Into Fashion

The “ideal penis size” has grown and shrunk throughout history.
Mark Hay
sexual health

Remember Crabs? Turns Out They Didn't Disappear Along With Our Pubes

When pubic hair became less fashionable, so did talking about crabs—but they're just as common as they've ever been.
Mark Hay

This Is What Fish Oil Supplements Actually Do

Is fish oil really just snake oil?
Mark Hay

Do Trigger Warnings Actually Work?

Researchers are divided over whether warnings about sensitive content help or harm people who have experienced trauma.
Mark Hay
Weed Week

What Would it Be Like to Get High on Mars?

A very thorough answer to your very stoner question.
Mark Hay
Fighting Words

Trainers Need to Start Learning How to Work With Differently Abled People

Trainers and gyms are failing disabled people in a lot of ways. Does changing this pattern mean changing an entire culture of ableism?
Mark Hay

How Russia Fell in Love with Candy Bars Made of Blood

Many Soviet children grew up loving the sweetness, texture, and slight metallic twang of Hematogen bars—without knowing what was in them.
Mark Hay
Daily Buzzkill

More Adults are Waking Up with Brand New Allergy Symptoms

And we're stating to figure out why.
Mark Hay