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mental health

A Round-Table Chat About Self-Harm

We spoke to four people in their twenties about their history of self-harm and what they want others to know.
Michael Segalov

'There Was a Box Full of Drugs, I'd Get What He Wanted' – Freddie Mercury's PA On His Time with the Star

Peter Freestone spent 12 years by the Queen frontman's side.
Michael Segalov

This British Spy Exposed a Devious US Plot to Justify the Iraq War

Katharine Gun – who's played by Keira Knightley in a forthcoming film – blew the whistle on a dodgy scheme by the American government. This is her story.
Michael Segalov

Mark Ronson Knows He'll Never Beat 'Uptown Funk'

We met the producer ahead of the release of his new album, to talk about song-writing, LA, his break-up, Amy Winehouse and the highs and lows of an international smash.
Michael Segalov
Eurovision 2019

Why This Year's Eurovision Song Contest Is So Controversial

Israel is set to host the song contest against a backdrop of protests, boycotts and political propaganda.
Michael Segalov
Save Yourselves

The UK Has Declared a Climate Emergency: What Now?

They're the first country to do so.
Michael Segalov

We Made a Dildo with Aldi's 3D Printer

Artisanal dildo makers just got a hot new rival.
Michael Segalov

The Secret Relationship That Ended in a Christmas Murder

Sameena Imam was about to start a new life with her lover Roger Cooper, but her plans ended in tragedy.
Michael Segalov
the internet

Inside the Organisation That Rids the Internet of Child Sex Abuse

We visited the Cambridgeshire headquarters of the Internet Watch Foundation, whose analysts are tasked with searching out and identifying child sexual abuse images and videos.
Michael Segalov
the body

Fat Blokes Talk About Living Life as Fat Blokes

The cast of the new "sort of dance" show, 'Fat Blokes', spoke to us about their experiences.
Michael Segalov

A Day in the Life of an OnlyFans Adult Film Performer

What it's like to work as a performer who self-shoots, directs and uploads their own videos of real sex with other models.
Michael Segalov

I Was Married to a Paedophile

We spoke to Kate, who after 20 years of marriage discovered her husband had been looking at illegal images of child sexual abuse online.
Michael Segalov