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Powerful Photos of the Generation Born After India's Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Rohit Jain’s visit to the site of the world’s deadliest industrial disaster—also known as India's very own Chernobyl—brings out terrifying snapshots of a tragedy that continues to affect the current generation.
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As a Woman, Running in India Feels Like an Act of Rebellion

Jogging is more than just a workout. It’s my way of reclaiming the streets that've been denied to me for so long.
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Terrifying Photos of Delhi Covered in a Thick Haze of ‘Airpocalypse’

The Delhi smog is a yearly affair, except this time, the crisis has turned India’s capital into a ‘gas chamber’.
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What It’s Like to Be a Queer Muslim Filmmaker in Homophobic Bollywood

“We're so okay with celebrating war on screen and yet get so threatened with love. Isn't it baffling?”
Faraz Arif Ansari

What It's Like Being a Male Dom for Women in India

"It's difficult to have this lifestyle because it becomes, for many guys especially, an easy way to hurt women."
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India’s #MeToo Moment Was Groundbreaking, but What Has Changed a Year After?

Prominent actors, journalists, and artists accused of sexual harassment are back in the mainstream after intimidation tactics were thrown at survivors. Is this how it ends?
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An Indian Court Just Allowed Cutting of Over 2,600 Trees to Make a Metro Carshed

The Bombay High Court defied all petitions and pleas to construct a metro depot in the middle of Aarey Colony's green cover.
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Tibetans in India Join the Global Climate Strikes to Bring Attention to Their Burning Homeland

The community lives with the prospect of losing their homes forever, not just to political oppression but also the severe effects of climate change.
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In India, Giving a Woman the Middle Finger Can Land You in Jail

In the most recent case, a man is facing jail time of up to three years and a fine after being charged by his sister-in-law. But this is not the first time.
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Expert Says Indians Will Soon Become Water Refugees Heading for Water-Rich Europe

Rajendra Singh, also known as the “Waterman of India”, says over 70 percent of the country has dried up, and this may lead to climatic migration to other countries.
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Environmental Extremes

We Visited the Mumbai Neighbourhood so Polluted It's Been Declared Unfit for Human Habitation

Mahul poses a dystopian and disturbing picture of what happens when you’re forced to live amidst extreme pollution. It’s a story that can only end in death, unless residents somehow scrape together the resources to leave.
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Gujarat Is the New ‘Favourite’ Route for Pakistani Cartels Smuggling Drugs to the West

“If a fisherman brings five kgs of heroin along with 500 kgs of fish in his boat, it is very difficult to catch him.”
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