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The Weirdest Stuff People Have Seen While Developing Disposable Cameras

"One of them had done a poo on the pillow next to another lad’s head while he was asleep."
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The Rise of Wholesome Social Media

Growing numbers are ditching mainstream social media for platforms like Goodreads and Strava, connecting over book recommendations and fitness achievements.
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I Gave My Cat a Fitness Tracker and the Results Were Worrying

Data is the new oil and kitty FitBits are a thing.
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I Found Out How to Make My Cat an Influencer at the London Cat Expo

I want that Grumpy Cat money – but how do I get there?
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We Asked People About the Songs That Absolutely Piss Them Off

“‘Toto’ by Africa. I mean ‘Africa’ by Toto. I can’t even say it right that’s how much that song fucks me up.”
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Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked Hayley Kiyoko Fans About Their First Major Crushes

"She was just, like, so mysterious and arty, and she wanted to take my picture.”
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Important Questions Raised By...

The Album Format Might Not Make Much Sense Anymore

We asked some random people about the last album they listened to all the way through, and where the 'long-player' format even fits into their lives.
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The Smyths Are Here for All Your Non-Morrissey Smiths Needs

After The Smiths' failed reunion this year, I spoke to the people who'd paid £20 to see a tribute act play central London on a Saturday night.
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Hey: Should You Go to Your Graduation Ceremony?

Running the pros (your mum, sobbing with pride) versus the cons (stupid dickhead hat)
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In The Queue

Male Justin Timberlake Fans, Are You Also Men of the Woods?

We asked a bunch of guys in the line for a Timberlake gig about the most manly things they've ever done.
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Every Type of Cyclist, Ranked from Worst to Least Worst

Because there's no such thing as an actively good cyclist!
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Vox Popping

Hey Katy Perry Fans, How ‘Woke’ Are You?

K Pez's latest album 'Witness' sailed in on a ship called woke. So ahead of her O2 Arena show, we spoke to some fans about it.
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