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How Hackers Are Breaking Into Home Security Cameras

After a hacker broke into a camera in Mississippi and spoke to a child, Motherboard found hackers have made dedicated software for gaining access.
Joseph Cox
Samantha Cole
2 days ago

The Blood Pipe Is Still Spewing Blood After Nearly Two Years

Newly-obtained footage shows the underwater fish farm pipe in British Columbia is still churning out virus-infected blood and guts.
Samantha Cole
3 days ago

Deepfake Porn Is Evolving to Give People Total Control Over Women's Bodies

People are creating a new kind of nonconsensual pornography by combining deepfakes with 3D avatars that can be manipulated to do whatever they want.
Samantha Cole
Emanuel Maiberg

Researchers Try to Craft the Perfect Boob Using Eye-Tracking Technology

Researchers are using eye-tracking technology to see what people look at when they evaluate boobs in an attempt to create a "universal scale" for breast aesthetics and symmetry.
Samantha Cole

A Vague Twitter Policy About Deactivating Inactive Accounts Sparked a Panic

Twitter says accounts left inactive for more than six months will be deactivated—including tweets from deceased users.
Samantha Cole

Russian Farmers Put Cows in VR So They Can Chill

An experiment straps virtual reality headsets onto dairy cows to let them de-stress, and yield more milk.
Samantha Cole

This Company Promises to Place Any Face Onto Any Body, Using an Algorithm

Rosebud AI wants to add diversity to stock images—and is doing it by swapping anyone's face onto stock models' bodies.
Samantha Cole
investigatory journalism

Who Farted? An Investigation

In which Motherboard gets to the bottom of the Hardball with Chris Matthews beef.
Samantha Cole

'They Can't Stop Us:' People Are Having Sex With 3D Avatars of Their Exes and Celebrities

A community of 3D graphics hobbyists are making and selling avatars of real people in order to fulfill their sexual fantasies, and there's little anyone can do to stop them.
Samantha Cole
Emanuel Maiberg

This Lost Airpod Sticker Prank Is So Chaotic

Pablo Rochat's latest design prank is peppering the streets of San Francisco with Airpods that are impossible to pick up.
Samantha Cole

NoFap Founder Is Suing a Neuroscientist Who Thinks Masturbating Is Fine

Alexander Rhodes, the owner of the NoFap trademark, filed a complaint against a neuroscientist who studies porn and sexuality, for libel and defamation.
Samantha Cole

PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub, Hurting 'Hundreds of Thousands' of Performers

Pornhub said it's 'devastated' by PayPal's decision to stop payouts to models on its platform.
Samantha Cole