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This Bartender Is Secretly the Greatest Tetris Player in the World

362 days of the year, Jonas Neubauer is a regular dude. During the Classic Tetris World Championship, he's a god.
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Objectively Correct Lists

The Top 25 WWE Entrance Songs of All Time

As ‘Monday Night RAW’ celebrates its 25th anniversary, we count down the 25 best wrestler themes.
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Deep Ass Questions

Why Did Colonel Sanders Press 30,000 Copies of a Children’s Mandolin Record?

In 1966, the KFC founder spent tens of thousands of dollars to fund a record by a children’s Christian mandolin band, but where did all the copies go?
Sean Neumann
street art

Australian Artist Covers Small Towns in Massive Photorealistic Murals

Australian muralist Guido Van Helten travels the globe to tell local stories with large-scale, photojournalism-inspired portraits.
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movie posters

40,000 Vintage Movie Posters Showcase a Living History of Film

One film fanatic has collected tens of thousands of vintage movie posters.
Sean Neumann

Our Awful Relationship with Nature Surfaces in These Half-Dipped Sculptures

Italian artist Willy Verginer depicts our evolving relationship with nature in these adolescent sculptures.
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These Woolly Creatures Are Like Deluxe Plush Nightmares

Sibling designer duo the Haas Brothers went from designing furniture to making miniature freaks of nature.
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string art

This String Artist Wants to Take You to Outer Space

Meet the Polish artist who uses strings to dive into the depths of outer space.
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50 states of art

Nature-Loving Artist Translates Wild Encounters onto Canvas

Wyoming artist Matt Flint spreads a message of conservation through dreamy animal portraits.
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Artificial Intelligence

An Artist Built an Exact Replica of Artificial Intelligence's Birthplace

Robotics artist Daniel Pillis recreated AI founders’ Allen Newell and Herbert Simon’s workspace in his own Carnegie Mellon office.
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50 states of art

187 Photos Map a Photographer's Love for Louisville

It took three years and a whole lot of walking for artist Michael Winters to rediscover his hometown.
Sean Neumann

Geometric Animal Tattoos Come to Life in Sweden

Oskar blends multiple styles while inking together everything from nature to his love for old school western tattoos.
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