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The Battle for Legal Medical Marijuana Hits Malaysia

A landmark decision legalizing medical weed in Thailand has some other countries questioning whether they should follow suit.
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8 hours ago
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YouTube Is Incentivising Vloggers to Promote Conspiracy Theories

And there's no easy fix in sight.
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2 days ago

People Told Us the Cringiest Stuff They've Done On Ecstasy

"Came up on a coach and spent some of the journey hassling the stranger next to me about wearing bowling shoes outside of an alley. They were Nike Cortez."
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Cities Are Secretly Testing Predictive Policing Software

According to documents obtained by Motherboard, the use of the predictive policing software PredPol is far more widespread than previously reported.
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Finally, a New Emoji to Mock Men

The latest batch of emojis features new possibilities for shattering overinflated egos.
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The Dangers of Marketing Addictive Drugs

New findings about the pressure to sell OxyContin reveal a lot about the opioid crisis.
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Here are Some of the Best VICE Documentaries and TV Shows

The best VICE documentaries – TV shows, standalone films, that Fyre Festival one – and how to watch them.
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Ten Lessons We Took Away from That Fyre Documentary, 'Fyre'

How much of it is about the mouthwash scene? Quite a lot of it is about the mouthwash scene.
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Meet The Finalists Of 'Pitch Australiana'

This year VICE, Screen Australia and AIDC put out a nationwide call for documentaries that explore unseen parts of Australian life. Here are the final four.
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violent times

Our New Podcast Interrogates Australia’s Obsession With Violence

Fear, Romance, Fascination: Across Violent Times we’ll speak to underworld kings, child soldiers, and criminals to explore why humans do brutal things.
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How Old Are the Characters on 'Seinfeld' Supposed to Be?

An investigation.
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Terrible Stuff

All the Shit We Need to Leave in 2018

First: ban YouTubers from saying the word "guys".
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