The Year We Woke Up

In the Age of Duterte, These Filipino Millennials Are Teaching Men to Treat Women Better

Not by "cancelling" them online, but through face-to-face conversations about toxic masculinity and feminism.
Lia Savillo
18 hours ago

The 11-Day Techno Bender On a Remote Vietnamese Island

We spoke to Epizode CEO Natasha Rogal about South East Asia's burgeoning electronic music scene.
Jennifer Hahn
18 hours ago
oral histories

The Real Story Behind the Iconic Ode to Oral Sex, "Put It In Your Mouth"

How the raunchy 1996 duet from neighborhood friends Kia Jeffries and Akinyele Adams came to be.
Soheil Rezayazdi
18 hours ago

Straight Men Are Part of The Trans Community

It might be unsettling to imagine cis men as any part of the trans community. But here's why we should.
Diana Tourjée
18 hours ago
Tech news

Here's the Pentagon's Terrifying Plan for Cyborg Supersoldiers

The U.S. military wants soldiers that have superhuman eyesight, controllable augmented muscles that turn untrained novices into expert killers, and more.
Matthew Gault
21 hours ago

There’s a Mountain on the Moon That Could Help Explain Life on Earth

A small peak in Mare Crisium contains ancient information about the early habitability of our home world.
Becky Ferreira
21 hours ago

I Paid $30 to Create a Deepfake Porn of Myself

An inside look at the world of custom-made deepfake forums, and the motivation of people who make them.
Evan Jacoby
21 hours ago

The Massive Doping Ban Russia was Just Hit with Probably Won't Change Anything

Athletes and anti-doping agency administrators say they're frustrated that the World Anti-Doping Agency can't punish Russia more.
Tim Marcin
21 hours ago
Games News

They're Finally Developing Another BioShock Game

Newly founded developer Cloud Chamber will take over the iconic and controversial franchise.
Matthew Gault
21 hours ago

An Arizona Man Registered an Actual Beehive as a Service Animal

Just because he can!
Jelisa Castrodale
21 hours ago
Question Of The Day

What Would You Trade for a Briefcase That Might Contain Something Cool?

We asked some very excited, very innocent bystanders.
Joel Burrows
a day ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Five Dead, 11 Missing After New Zealand Volcano Eruption

The death toll continues to rise following the sudden eruption of the Whakaari/White Island volcano yesterday—and there are fears of "worse news to come."
Gavin Butler
a day ago