Trans Visibility Exploded in the 2010s. But What Did Trans People Actually Gain?

The ten biggest moments in transgender rights and representation this decade proved that visibility is a double-edged sword.

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We Can't Have a Feminist Future Without Abolishing the Family

The feminist thinker Sophie Lewis has a radical proposal for what comes next.

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Want to Transition? There's an App for That

Solace is a one-stop resource for people who know that they're trans but don't know where to start.

How to Choose Love at the End of the World

Author Kai Cheng Thom remains hopeful for her "queer and trans bubble" in the face of climate disaster, mass extinction, and the global rise of fascism.


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Why I Left LuLaroe and Started Driving For GrubHub

Jill Domme was one of 80,000 retailers who joined LuLaRoe. Consumed by early success, she is now paying off $39,000 in debt by driving GrubHub as her second job.

The Lingerie Brand Doing What Victoria’s Secret Won’t

Playful Promises is known for pioneering the fashion space with their size and gender inclusivity.

Why Women Are Quitting Their Side Hustle: Leaving LuLaRoe

Thousands of women have bought into the LuLaRoe legging empire by selling colorful clothes on the internet in hopes of getting rich quick. We talk to three women about their experiences as LuLaRoe consultants and why they decided to leave.

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