2 days ago

23andMe Wants Everyone to Get Used to Sharing Their Genetic Data

It's increasingly complicated to untangle the potential for public health advances from a moralistic marketing scheme.


At-Home DNA Testing Kits May Give You Unreliable Health Information

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies like 23AndMe and AncestryDNA that try to predict health issues are sometimes downright wrong, according to a new study.


Spotify Is Using DNA Tests to Curate Playlists, Which Is Pretty Creepy

The streaming service is partnering up with Ancestry to create custom playlists based on your lineage.


I Tested My DNA and Learned About Self-Delusion

Does a test that tells me I’m 50 percent East Asian and Native American change anything about my identity?


Can Putting Your Personal Genome on the Internet Lead to Lasting Friendships?

Last week at a dinner party in Melbourne, I met two former strangers brought together by a website and a genetic similarity found in their saliva.