3D scanning

3D scanning

I Got Turned into a 3D Avatar, and Here's What I Learned

A first look at Emotion Capture, a new technology where avatars are created to be as human-like as possible, from Design company Immersive, in collaboration with Expressive AI.
Perwana Nazif

Australia’s Sacred Sites Get Recreated for an Immersive Musical Performance

The Outback goes virtual in composer Kate Moore and artist Ruben van Leer’s collaboration, ‘Sacred Environment.’
DJ Pangburn
music video

[Premiere] Hippo Campus Become a Simulation in Their New Music Video

For the song, "western kids," animator and director Najeeb Tarazi 3D scanned the band, then placed them inside the interface of some 3D graphics software for some meta-CG fun.
Kevin Holmes
digital art

Iranian-American Artist Revives Islam’s Apocalyptic Goddesses

How Morehshin Allahyari is using new technologies to reclaim an ancient feminist narrative.
Catherine Chapman

Mesmerising Video Showcases All the Weird Shit You Can Do With a Body Scan

Kouhei Nakama’s new video transforms the human form into rubbery geometric abstractions.
Nathaniel Ainley
3D scanning

The 'Most Impressive' Dinosaur Fossil Just Got 3D Scanned

Thousands of photos were stitched together to recreate a nodosaur fossil that has been compared to both a dragon and a work of art.
Beckett Mufson
50 states of art

Colorado's Digital Archaeologist Is Mapping Your Data Doppelgänger | #50StatesofArt

Meet Chris Coleman, an artist and academic in Colorado exploring the impact of the internet on human existence.
Andrew Salomone
music videos

3D-Scanned Bodies Become Glowing Canvases in a Cyberdelic Light Show

By 3D scanning the band Woman, Cologne-based creatives Dmitry Zakharov and Jake Harrison Meyer explore the various types of modern reality.
DJ Pangburn

An Artist 3D-Scanned His Friend and Turned Him into a Bumbling Clone Army

What's more embarrassing than being turned into a crowd of sims?
Beckett Mufson

Scan the World Preserves Cultural Artifacts By Scanning them into 3D Objects

A non-profit initiative wants your help to collect 3D scans of artifacts from around the world.
Andrew Salomone

Boogie with a Bevy of Blockbuster-Grade CGI Dancers

Elegant silver, gold, and varnished wood get up and groove in Esteban Diánoco's mesmerizing animations.
Beckett Mufson

How Replicas Could Save Threatened Artworks | Conservation Lab

Digital facsimiles ensure originals remain intact—but how do they affect the way we experience art?
Noémie Jennifer