Reese LaFlare and Gunna Go Disco in the New "Drip Like That" Video

The latest video from the Atlanta rapper's self-titled debut is a dimly-lit throwback.
Noisey Staff

T&P Remixed Smokey's 10-Minute Disco Anthem About Drinking Piss

Do you love disco? Do you love Beats In Space's Tim Sweeney? Do you love Phillip Lauer? Do you love 70s gay leather rock icons? If so, you'll die for this new T&P Smokey remix.
Shaad D’Souza

Why Was Food So Weird in the 70s?

Ham-wrapped bananas with hollandaise was somehow a thing.
Billy Eff

Paul Major Digs Deep For the Rare and Strange on ‘Feel the Music Vol. 1’

Stream the fascinating album compiled by the legendary record dealer and frontman of Endless Boogie.
Tim Scott

From Cold Chisel to Craft Beer: The Gentrification of Pub Rock

Young bands sporting mullets and boogying to classic rock are met with scepticism from some, for others they're a continuation of an Australian tradition.
Vincent Dwyer
Remembering Things

Sal Maida is One of the Coolest 70s Rock Stars You’ve Never Heard Of

An extract from the Roxy Music and SPARKS bassist's book tells of early David Bowie shows and getting blanked by the Stones .
Tim Scott
Noisey News

A New Comp of 70s Underground Rock Dishes Tales of Dope Fiends and Bad Trips

‘Acid Nightmares’ is a double album that documents the creeping existential dread of the 70s hard rock scene.
Tim Scott
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Even Molly Meldrum Showed Up For the Lemon Twigs’ Melbourne Show

The D’Addario brothers have been given a tick of approval from an Australian music legend.
Maddison Connaughton
Remembering Things

Looking Back on the Work of Synth Legend Suzanne Ciani

We talk to the director of "A Life in Waves", a new biopic on the 70s producer who taught Philip Glass how to play synth.
Jonno Revanche
New music

The Skids Are Going to Knock Your Brakes Off

Take a listen to the glam punkers debut record that brings to mind The Damned and 70s Aussie pub rock.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

This New Compilation Looks Back to When Machines Started Taking Over Punk

Featuring the Primitive Calculators, Models and The Metronomes, "Closed Circuits" traces an exciting time in Australian music.
Esther Rivers

The Emancipation of Donna Summer

2017 marks 40 years since Summer's audacious, pivotal pair of albums 'I Remember Yesterday' and 'Once Upon a Time.'
Ira Madison III