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How 8chan Was Born — and Became the Worst Place on the Internet

“Real life stopped mattering to me,” says founder Fredrick Brennan.
Elle Reeve

8chan Forced to Move to Obscure Dark Web Service

8chan is distributing a copy of its content over a decentralized platform that supporters of the Islamic State also tried to use.
Joseph Cox
Mass Shootings

“No One Really Knew Him”: Everything We Know About the El Paso Mass Shooting Suspect

A manifesto thought to be written by the suspect said his attack "is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas."
David Gilbert

People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships

We spoke to people who told us how the QAnon conspiracy theory ruined their marriage, turned their parents into completely different people, and otherwise made their lives miserable.
Mack Lamoureux
Far-Right Extremism

We Analyzed More Than 1 Million Comments on 4chan. Hate Speech There Has Spiked by 40% Since 2015.

Violent threats against minorities have also proliferated on the anonymous message board.
Rob Arthur
domestic terrorism

8chan Is a Mysterious Place to U.S. Anti-Terrorism Officials

U.S. intel officials from the FBI, DOJ and DHS seemed fairly unfamiliar with the platform during a Congressional hearing Wednesday.
Tess Owen

Internet Neo-Nazis Are Trying to Build a White Supremacist Utopia in Namibia

They're sick of living with non-white people in the West, so they're trying to colonize Africa. Makes sense.
Tom Sanders