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Remembering Things

Looking Back on the Work of Synth Legend Suzanne Ciani

We talk to the director of "A Life in Waves", a new biopic on the 70s producer who taught Philip Glass how to play synth.
Jonno Revanche

Meet the Female Composers Fighting for Equality in Hollywood

When it comes to scoring blockbusters, the film industry is anything but fair to women.
Corinne Przybyslawski
Free Radicals

How a Chance Meeting in a Tiny California Town Yielded This Year's Most Colossal-Sounding Synth Record

Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s FRKWYS album is a celebration of the happy accident—and the sun.
Colin Joyce
festivals 2016

What's It Like to Be the Sound Guys at the Longest and Headiest Sound Experiments of Moogfest?

Moogfest hosted a daily series of four hour performances called Durational Sound Installations, and somebody had to do sound the whole dang time.
Kyle Kramer
festivals 2016

Seven Sets at Moogfest 2016 That Expanded Our Consciousness into New Realms

For every act at the Durham festival that you could lose your mind dancing to, there was something seriously cerebral to sit around and contemplate.
Kyle Kramer

An Electronic Music Legend Talks Moog’s Modular App

For the last five decades, Suzanne Ciani's been a total synthesis boss. She tells us about programming Moog’s Modular 15 app.
DJ Pangburn
Herbie Hancock

From Devo As Potatoes To Philip Glass On Sesame Street: Childhood TV Highlights You Might Have Missed

New blog explores the wondrous world of experimental music on children's TV.
Mike Sugarman

Original Creators: The "Diva of Electronic Music" Suzanne Ciani

<p>We take a look at some iconic artists from numerous disciplines who have left an enduring and indelible mark on today’s creators.</p>
Kevin Holmes