abstract art

Sound Art

This Company Will Turn Your Favorite Song Into an Ink Splotch

US-based design company Vibrato creates meaningful abstract artworks of your favorite songs or wedding vows.
Beatrice Barkholz

Cows Are Our New Favourite Abstract Art Subject

Sam Raines paints colorful, moo-ving portraits of the dairy cattle near his Vermont studio.
Dyllan Furness
abstract art

These Flower-Inspired Rorschach Tests Will Leave You Feeling Grounded

What do you see in these flowers?
Cailey Rizzo

What Would Life Look Like If Humans Had Enhanced Eyesight?

Bryan Chapman imagines a world transformed by the presence of strange colors, waves, and mirrors.
Francesca Capossela

Murakami Meets Moebius in These Abstract Illustrations

We spoke with Israeli artist Ori Toor about the drastic shift his artwork has taken in recent years.
Nathaniel Ainley

This Short Film Helps You 'Get' Art

An illustrated protagonist faces a world of shapes, colors, and negative space in "The First Exhibition" by Jonathan Djob Nkondo.
Beckett Mufson
50 states of art

After Going to Jail for Vandalism, a Virginia Muralist Keeps Painting | #50StatesofArt

Mickael Broth was convicted of vandalism in his 20s. The experience made him appreciate the power of artistic expression.
Diana Shi
food art

Rainbow-Schmeared Unicorn Toast Brings Whimsy to Breakfast

Adeline Waugh uses natural ingredients to color her nutritious, kaleidoscopic treats.
Diana Shi
animal art

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Painting Shiba Inu

Hunter the Canine Caravaggio makes original paintings you can buy on Etsy.
Tanja M. Laden
abstract art

Whimsical Pastel Collages Are Just like your High School Notebook Doodles, Only Better

Austin Thomas’s collage world is full of avant garde formations.
Cailey Rizzo
quantum physics

You Don't Need to Be a Rocket Scientist to Enjoy These Quantum Physics Visualizations

The universe’s subatomic particle collisions get an artistic spin.
Diana Shi
music videos

[Premiere] Take a Creepy VR Tour of an Insomniac's House

Glitched-out visuals consume you like sleep paralysis in this eerie VR music video for Caribou collaborator Pick a Piper’s “Still Awake.”
Kevin Holmes