Why Indian Women Are Fighting to Pray Inside Their Own Temples

In India, women are banned from entering Hindu temples if they are on their period. But increasing numbers are protesting to demand the right to worship, pray, and menstruate inside religious institutions.
Mari Shibata
5 days ago
year in review

97 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person

No matter who you are, there are always ways to be kinder to one another. Here are some ideas.
Inês Mendonça

2018 Was the Year Veganism Lost Its Status as a Moral Signifier

This year, vegans split into the mainstreamers who buy their ready meals from Tesco, and the pious activists who refuse to change their methods.
Hannah Ewens
Australia Today

Politicians Who Voted to Legalise Abortion Are Now Receiving Threats

Anti-abortion groups have vowed to "remove" MPs who voted for change.
Gavin Butler
The Power and Privilege Issue

Age of Revolution

How young activists are making change online and off.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Man Fired For Roundhouse Kicking Woman at Anti-Abortion Rally

The video of the hair stylist winding up and roundhouse kicking an anti-abortion protestor has quickly gone viral.
Mack Lamoureux

Roosh V Shuttering His Godawful Misogynist Website After Successful Boycotts

Good fucking riddance.
Mack Lamoureux
in bloom

We’re Filming a Special Episode of ‘In Bloom’ at the Queer Ideas Festival

And we want your questions.
VICE Staff

The Year South African Students United Against Colonialism

Before Charlottesville, another group of young activists gathered together and started a global conversation by demanding the removal of a controversial statue.
Katherine Gillespie
Know Your Rights

What You Need To Know About Your Rights at a Protest

Spoiler alert: technically, there is no "right to protest" in Australia.
Kamna Muddagouni
Facebook Disinformation

How Real Activists Learned Facebook Was Deleting Their Protest Page for ‘Inauthentic Behavior’

Facebook’s definition of "authentic" is complicated because disinformation campaigns are complicated.
Sarah Emerson

Inside the Great British Pig Heist

We spoke to animal rights activist Wesley Omar, who this week was handed a 12-month community order for stealing a pig.
Michael Segalov