I Spent a Day at the 'World's Best Airport' and It Was Pretty Good

Singapore's Changi International Airport has more amenities than anyone could ever hope to experience in one visit, so I tried to do them all in under five hours.
Justin Caffier

Don’t Buy This: Never Pay to Check a Bag at the Airport

Remember, you never need more than seven days worth of clothing — all of which should easily fit in a carry-on bag.
Melissa Locker
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Research Has Probably Been Overstating How Smart Dogs Are

And other science headlines you don't want to miss.
Shayla Love
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How One Sex Toy Fucked an Entire Airport

Airport security somehow mistook it for a bomb.
Drew Schwartz
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College Kid Flushed Support Hamster Down Toilet After Airline Wouldn't Let It Fly

"I didn’t have any other options," she said.
Opheli Garcia Lawler
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This Woman Won't Stop Trying to Sneak onto Airplanes

Marilyn Hartman was arrested at Chicago's airport Sunday just weeks after she got caught slipping onto a flight to London.
Drew Schwartz
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This Guy Got Lost at Miami's Airport and Somehow Wound Up on the Tarmac

He was arrested Monday after reportedly trying to take a shortcut by jumping a fence and sprinting across the runway.
Drew Schwartz
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An Air Canada Pilot Narrowly Missed 'Greatest Aviation Disaster Ever'

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the situation which saw an Air Canada plane nearly hit four, fully-loaded passenger planes on the tarmac.
Mack Lamoureux

Smuggling Food Through the Airport Can Be Harder Than Smuggling Cocaine

"My own father was once caught at the border with a suitcase full of stuffed pigeons."
Bo Hanna
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A Guy Got Dragged Off an Overbooked United Flight for Refusing to Give Up His Seat

An officer reportedly grabbed the man by his collar and throttled him against an armrest before dragging him down the aisle—and a few passengers caught the whole thing on camera.
Drew Schwartz

How One Syrian Family Navigated the Weekend Airport Chaos

Najah al-Shalmeih was saved from legal limbo thanks to her green card, but others weren't so lucky.
Justin Glawe and Sarah Bertness

90 Miles of Rainbow Thread Make String Art in the San Antonio Airport

Gabriel Dawe's colourful spiderweb thrills travelers in the airport's ticketing area.
Beckett Mufson