Alex Wodak

Australia Today

The Greens Want to Legalise Weed in Australia

Just in time for 4/20?
Maddison Connaughton
High Season

The Next Six Months Could Completely Change Australian Drug Law

Sniffer dogs: banned. Pill testing: legalised.
Maddison Connaughton
pill testing

We Spoke With the Experts About the Future of Pill Testing In Australia

The NSW government has declared it illegal, while others have praised the virtues of the prospect.
Liam Apter

Meet the Doctor Who's Willing to Go to Jail Over Pill Testing

Dr Wodak faced "civil disobedience" charges in the 80s to set up Australia's first needle exchange. Now he's doing it again to stop festival deaths.
Maddison Connaughton
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An Australian Doctor Has Vowed to Start Testing Pills at Festivals

Dr Alex Wodak has said, "I am prepared to break the law to save young people's lives."
VICE Staff

Australia Has a Long History of Fighting Harm Minimisation Drug Policies

Getting Pill Testing Into Music Festivals Is a Struggle, but So Was Legalising Needle Exchange Programs in the 1980s
Paul Gregoire

Is Medicinal Marijuana Finally Coming to Australia?

It looks like the country is finally going to soften its unusually harsh cannabis laws, but skeptics say that the government is moving too slowly and will repeat the mistakes other nations have made.
Paul Gregoire

Does Sydney Need Another Supervised Injecting Room?

15 years after Sydney opened the first medically supervised injecting centre in the English-speaking world, its founders think it's time to establish a second one.
Paul Gregoire