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Americans Tourists Keep Trying to Sneak Their Guns Into Canada

Annual reminder that we have different gun laws.
Manisha Krishnan
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Americans Don't Care If Their Parents Know They Smoke Weed, Survey Says

And 47 percent of parents who smoke say they've gotten blazed with their adult kids.
VICE Staff
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Let This Very Intense Police Video Be a Warning to You, Heroin Dealers

This Sheriff's Office in Florida is not messing around.
VICE Staff
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Read Obama's Thank You Note to America

"You made me a better President, and you made me a better man."
Lauren Messman

The Strange, Embarrassing World of Americans Trying to Emulate English Soccer Culture

First the MLS imported players and coaches; now, it's taking what it can from the terraces.
Kev Kharas

Intimate Sex Doll Portraits Paint a Disturbing Picture of 'Average Americans'

The average American in 2016 is as misleadingly real as a sex doll, at least according to photographer Stacy Leigh.
Andrew Nunes

Examining the Right Wing British Blowhards Using YouTube to 'Prove Everybody Wrong'

Guys who name themselves after Mesopotamian emperors, naturally, think they're hot as shit.
Joe Bish

After Trump Win, Hundreds of Americans Contact Radio Host to Move to Cape Breton

But Rob Calabrese says it's harder to move to Canada than they think.
Hilary Beaumont
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Canada's Pissed It’s Footing Bill for Rescuing Drunk Americans Who Literally Floated Over the Border

The "over-refreshed" Americans accidentally crossed the border illegally en masse when high winds blew their river party into Canada.
Allison Tierney
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1,500 Americans Partying on a Michigan River Accidentally Floated into Canada

Does this make it the worst party ever, or the best?
Allison Tierney

Talking to Teenagers in Beirut About What 9/11 Means to Them

I spent the 14th anniversary of 9/11 asking kids born around the time of the attacks what they think about the day we will never forget.
Sulome Anderson
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A College in Virginia Wants Merriam-Webster to Change Their Definition of 'Success'

Strayer University thinks that the official definition of "success" is outdated and is taking strides to change it.
Michael Cuby