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Festivals 2015

Hong Kong Music Festivals Are Beautiful, so Why Won't Anyone Go to Them?

The skyline is beautiful and the line-up boasts acts like The Libertines, Angel Haze and ASAP Rocky. So why is it so hard to put on a festival in Hong Kong? We went to Clockenflap and spoke to the organisers.
Gavin Haynes
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Latest on VICE: Somalian Refugee Cook, Angel Haze, and Japan's Motorcycle Gangs

Take a peek at a brand new run of amazing stories from our offices around the world.
VICE Staff

Noisey Presents: Angel Haze at The Echo in Los Angeles, CA on September 16

Get wilder than ever before in your life.
Noisey Staff

PREMIERE: Listen to Angel Haze's New Song, "Moonrise Kingdom"

The single from her upcoming album 'Back to the Woods' takes a bombastic pop turn.
Kyle Kramer
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Angel Haze on Why You Need To Stop Acting Like A 17-Year-Old

"When you hit a certain age you have to think about what you're willing to sacrifice. Your 20s are about learning to have to do without."
Thinkpieces And Shit

Angel Haze: "It Feels Like a Punch to the Gut When Someone Takes Our Culture and Runs With It"

Angel Haze's column on hip-hop, hypocrisy and race.
Thinkpieces And Shit

Is Rap Finally Breaking Its Mental Health Taboo?

Hip-hop has generally found it difficult to deal with artists who either (A) talk about complex feelings or (B) have personal issues themselves. Is now the time for change?
Ryan Bassil

Lesbian Hip-Hop Hits Prime Time

SIYA is arguably the first out and proud lesbian rapper to reach a mainstream US audience. Her latest video for the song “Real MVP,” which featured the MC serenading a thick hip-hop honey, made its nationwide debut on the Oxygen network.
Lauren Schwartzberg
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It's Not Me It's You: Why So Many Artists Want to Break-Up with Major Labels

Artists used to sign with an indie if they wanted to be cool and a major if they wanted to make money—but that's changing.
Ryan Bassil

Some Rappers Are Gay. Get Over It.

Angel Haze on why she never came out.

Angel Haze Talks About The Epidemic of Youth Depression

"I feel like I would probably be advised not to write about this on the internet..."
Instagram Report

What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week: 12/13

Sweatsuits. So hot right now.
Amalia Graziani