3 days ago

The Blob? I Am She. And She? She Is Me.

With 720 genders and no brain, the blob is a queer icon for the bimbo-but-I'm-reclaiming-it generation.


Cockatoo Survives After Being Shot Five Times

Five bullets—including one in the head—wasn't enough to kill Mr Cocky.


There's an 'Ecocide' Happening in the Fires at the Edge of the Amazon

Several species of plants and animals are known to live there and nowhere else.


Watch Genius Pigs Use Tools in a Scientific First

We already knew pigs are pretty smart, and now scientists have observed our porcine friends using tools for the first time.


Quit Your Shit Job and Become... an Animal Rescuer!

Vanessa Lizano turned her back on her job in a call centre to run a rescue shelter for adorable sloths and monkeys.


A Seal Helped Police Pull Off a $1 Billion Drug Bust

A gang of international drug smugglers was thwarted when a disgruntled elephant seal cornered them on the beach, forcing their arrest.


Highly Relatable Raccoons Busted for Being Day-Drunk in Residential Neighbourhood

"We have had calls on suspected rabid raccoons twice over the last two days. Turns out they appear to be drunk on crabapples."


The Evolution of the ‘Messy Woman’

How the pop culture trope changed in the time between ‘Animals’ being published in 2014 and then adapted into a film this year.


Please Stop Sharing Ice Cream with Your Dog

No matter how much of a good boy they’ve been. It’s really gross.


Penguins Detained by New Zealand Police for Loitering Beneath a Sushi Shop

The penguins were described by authorities as "waddling vagrants."


Rich People in Pakistan Keep Pet Lions and Exotic Animals to Flex Their Fortunes

Over 300 lions can be found in gardens, farmhouses and rooftop cages in Karachi alone.