Now That I Know the World is Doomed, Should I Get Into Advertising?

I’ve marched against climate change. I’ve read Naomi Klein. What else can I do?


Devi McCallion and Katie Dey’s Album Makes the End of the World Sound Fun

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How to Live Your Best Life Before and After Nuclear Armageddon

Only one man can clear up your skin, give you peace of mind, and provide world-class shelter in the face of a world-ending blast.


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Actually, Zombies Are Good

Walking corpses are here to help, according to a new book 'Living with the Living Dead: The Wisdom of the Zombie Apocalypse.'


Freeze-Dried Space Jizz Could Save Us All

A new study found that mouse sperm freeze-dried and sent to space for nine months can still be used to make healthy babies back on Earth.


The Truth About the Brewing 'Nuclear War' Between North Korea and the US

We spoke to the former head of the British Embassy in North Korea about what's really going on.


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Trey Edward Shults's apocalyptic horror film stars Joel Edgerton and Christopher Abbot


Doomsday Prepping With the Real Housewives of Sydney's Lisa Oldfield

"The apocalypse, that's the generic term for when the shit hits the fan... If the shit hits the fan, we're a month away from 'Mad Max.'"


[Premiere] 3D Constructed Humanoids Imagine The Social Makeup of An Ancient War Ridden Civilization

The textured 3D humanoids by musician and visual artist, No Death, star in the 23rd issue of FELT Zine.