To Hell And Back

The Angry, Healing Records I Revisit When Everything Feels Broken

Reflections on the healing power of old abrasive favorites, plus new tunes from Twilight Fauna, Lifeless Dark, Lindow Moss, Sick Shit, and more.
Kim Kelly
Noisey News

Watch the Rugged Trailer for Justin Timberlake's New Album 'Man of the Woods'

It's out February 2, and the first single is coming this Friday. Let's get... mountainous?
Phil Witmer
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The 'Progressive Liberal' Is the Most Hated Man in Wrestling

He calls his nemesis Kyle "Fox News" Maggot and his finishing move the "Liberal Agenda."
Drew Schwartz
50 states of art

A Tattoo Artist Embraces His Appalachian Roots

Tattoo artist John Haywood writes about learning to love his Kentucky heritage.
John Haywood

Horseback's New Album 'Dead Ringers' Is an Electronic Post-Punk Odyssey into the New South

Band mastermind Jenks Miller goes deep on recording techniques, dark nights of the soul, and his Appalachian roots.

Stream Appalachian Black/Doom Trio Athame's Debut 'With Cunning Fire and Adversarial Resolve'

Thanks to a compelling new album, these Luciferian upstarts won't remain in the shadows for long.
Kim Kelly

Mountain Rock Kings Karma to Burn are Still Addicted to the Riff

"West Virginia plays by its own rules. We'd like to think we do the same thing as a band."
Kelsey Zimmerman

Jandek Affiliate Heather Leigh Brings Appalachian Soul and Pedal Steel Guitar to Improvised Noise

The West Virginia-born and currently Scotland-based musician talks about introducing her grandma to noise, and her time spent touring with avant-rock legend Jandek.
daily vice

We Meet the Guy Catching Australian Wildlife with His Bare Hands on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also look at photographer Stacy Kranitz's vision of Appalachia, talk art crime with investigator Mark Fishstein, and try the best grilled cheese sandwich in Marfa.
VICE Staff
The Up in Flames Issue

Photos of Struggle and Hope in Appalachia

Stacy Kranitz has been collaborating with local writers to tell stories that offer a complex and nuanced understanding of what central Appalachia looks like 50 years after becoming a byword for poverty.
Stacy Kranitz

Twilight Fauna Talks Bluegrass, Musical Camaraderie, and Appalachian Black Metal

Stream a new track from the Appalachian black metal act's stirring new split with Disemballerina's Jennifer Christensen.

There Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down

Stacy Kranitz's series on faith-based spaces and communities in Appalachia conveys the transformative power of faith and the essential goodness of fellowship.
Stacy Kranitz