art installation


This Giant Kaleidoscope​ is Really a Rave Cave

'Light Origami,' by artist Masakazu Shirane, is a walk-in dome that bends and weaves light.


Cardboard IKEA House and Rocking Horse Cutouts Tackle Social Inequity

Sura Haarp takes a stand against socio-political inequalities with cardboard installations.


England's 'Mind Control Tower' Is a Spiritual Reminder of War History

For the Estuary 2016 festival, artist Heidi Wigmore reclaims a military structure for the public.


Artist Builds Political House of Horrors Just in Time for Election Season

With upcoming haunted house, 'Doomocracy,' Pedro Reyes asks, "Who’s scarier, Michael Myers or Donald J. Trump?"


Dancers Fill an Electric Void with a Slow-Burning Ballet

A hybrid dance performance and art projection examines love in the digital age.


Monumental 'Golgotha' Sculpture Casts the Crucifixion in Coat Hangers

Artist David Mach captures the agony of Christ in an unconventional medium.


A Recycled Plastic Organ Creates an Eerie Sonic Playground

A new musical installation in Stockholm makes the audience challenge their own preconceptions of the use of plastic.


Burning Man Asks: How Would You Design Black Rock City?

Enter a competition to redesign the legendary site of the annual Burning Man Festival.


The Rise of BGL, Canada's Art-World Class Clowns

Quebec City art collective BGL installed a full-scale depanneur at this year's Venice Biennale, the latest in a career of humorous, high-concept projects.


An LED Waterfall Roars to Life in Taipei

Teamlab creates an interactive LED sculpture at the CTBC Financial Park.


See 1,400 Ghostly, Glowing Hands Illuminate a Lake

The eerie exhibition by anonymous art collective Luzinterruptus sent 1,400 glowing latex gloves floating across a lake in the French Parcs des Iris et de l’Ermitage.


The TED Conference's Centerpiece Sculpture Is A Living Artwork That Responds To Nature

Janet Echelman's shape-shifting, "Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks," parallels the diverse speakers at the 30th TED.