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Guide to Getting Into

The Guide to Getting Into Devo

More than a quirky band with funny red hats, Devo were synth-weilding art punk pioneers who shaped everyone from Neil Young to Radiohead, and 'The Simpsons' to Martin Scorsese. Here's where to start.
Andrea Domanick

The Truth About Devo, America's Most Misunderstood Band

Over 40 years ago, David Bowie called Devo "the band of the future." What he didn't realize is just how bleak that future would be—and how right Devo would be about it.
Andrea Domanick

Liars Didn't Want Us to Use the Word "Vaporwave" in This Headline

Dear Angus: Sorry for the headline, but we think the eighth Liars record 'TFCF' is fuckin' great, so we hope you'll forgive us.
Zachary Lipez

With The Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna Hits Reset

Hanna's most personal record yet is about "finally being able to write songs about my own personal anger, not just about my political anger," she says. "I've really had to relearn how to exist."
Artemis Thomas-Hansard
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Idlewild Rank Their Seven Records

They started off as Edinburgh's melodic art-punks and morphed into a band with real staying power. Now back from hiatus, we grilled Idlewild on their back catalogue.
Mischa Pearlman
Holy Shit

Stream Spray Paint's New Album 'Dopers' Because Who Needs a Skull Anyway?

Spray Paint releases 'Dopers' right off the heels of this summer's 'Punters on a Barge.'
Noisey Staff

Brooklyn Art-Punks PILL Will Scald Your Ears with "Hot Glue"

The krautrock four-piece signs to Mexican Summer and announce upcoming 7" and a tour with Parquet Courts.
Bryn Lovitt

Nick Zinner's "41 Strings" Comes to the UK

Three years ago, Nick to composed an orchestral piece for their 41st Annual Earth Day celebration called "41 Strings." This year, he will be premiering 41 Strings at the Meltdown Festival in the UK. To find out more about the 41 Strings UK debut and...
Erica Euse

The Death Set Have a New EP to Literally Blow Up Your Stereo

Brain-scambling art punk.