Open Letters

We Are Drowning in a Devolved World: An Open Letter from Devo

Following the band's Rock Hall nomination, founder Gerald Casale reflects on its dystopian legacy in the age of Trump.
Gerald V. Casale

You Tell Me Wrote a Lively Song About an Ordinary “Water Cooler” Romance

The UK duo talk about their serendipitous meeting at a Kate Bush concert and the tired joke of explaining their band name to people.
Sarah MacDonald
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting Into Brian Eno, the Playful Genius

From ambient soundtracks to alien planets to mega-hits fit for supermarkets to, uh, working with Coldplay, the legendary English producer has done it all. Here's where to start.
Dan Gentile
Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting into Roxy Music

Featuring Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno, Roxy Music’s melodramatic yet undersung art rock paved the way for punk, new wave, and decades of music to come.
Jill Krajewski

Howardian's New Video for "Cinnamon Rolls" Is Art Rock Madness

Always bring a cannon to your show.
John Hill

PREMIERE: Darcys Ditch the Art-Rock and Go Big with The Pop-Minded "Miracle"

The Toronto band also talk shedding their alternative roots and how change in sound doesn't mean a "shitty album."
Cam Lindsay

Amen and Hello: Yeasayer Return from the Wilderness

It's been four years since their last LP, but now Yeasayer are back with 'Amen & Goodbye' and a newfound respect for goats.
Cam Lindsay

Premiere: Stream Moon's Video Game Inspired Krautrock Album 'Cassette'

It's the krautrock record that sounds like Zelda.
Adria Young
VICE Premiere

Elysian Fields' New Video Will Quench Your Thirst for Psychedelia and Cats

This dreamy tune encourages you to close your eyes, suspend your undying love for black metal or horrorcore, and ride the magic carpet groove train all the way back to the station, man.
Charlie Ambler

Listen to Stats' Remix of La Roux's "Cruel Sexuality"

La Roux's guitarist Stats, who also happens to be in an art rock band called… Stats, gives her tune a sick makeover.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Kele Okereke: "This is a new territory for me, singing about desire"

We talked to the Bloc Party frontman from bed about his most personal album to date.
Emma-Lee Moss