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'Fairytale Therapy' Turns the Moral of a Story into Life Guidance

It's meant to blend art and narrative therapy, with a Jungian touch, while using old tales to help you manage your life today.
Sabrina Faramarzi
art therapy

Making Art Keeps You Sharp, a New Study Shows

If you want to live to 100, eat your veggies. If you want to keep your wits about you too, make art.
Beckett Mufson
50 states of art

After Getting Sober, An Artist Helps Others Recover Through Creativity | #50StatesofArt

Michael Kalmbach never meant to stay in Delaware. But then he got the opportunity to found an organization helping people with behavioral health disorders find empowerment through the arts.
Michael Kalmbach
50 states of art

A Quadriplegic Painter Created An Artist Paradise For Artists With Disabilities | #50StatesofArt

After a debilitating accident, William Heard took up painting and founded an arts center in Mississippi.
J.H. Fearless

Dan Colen Covered the Walls of a Children's Hospital with Paintings of Confetti Frozen in Time

The American painter just finished a massive installation inside the Activity Center of the St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.
Nathaniel Ainley
50 states of art

I'm a Teacher in Mike Pence's Broken School System. Here's How We Can Fix It | #50StatesofArt

A third grade teacher at a Title I school shares what it’s like battling standardized testing and Secondary Traumatic Stress, and having to buy her own school supplies for students in Indiana.
Ms. P

Kevin Smith Is Bringing Jay and Silent Bob Back to the Big Screen | Last Week in Art

Snootchie bootchies.
Nathaniel Ainley
New York

Incarcerated Young Adults Get a Gallery Show at NYU

A new exhibition celebrates the 15-year anniversary of the Artistic Noise outreach program.
Nathaniel Ainley

125 Artists Explore the New Feelings of the Future

Los-Angeles-based Institute for New Feeling put together 125 artists to share art-generated new feelings.
Benoit Palop

'Art Therapy,' Today's Comic by HTML FLOWERS

A bunch of sick kids are making art in a hospital. Hilarious!
​HTML Flowers

Living and Dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

These two women have found an effective way to treat their BDD through art.
Michelle Olley

The Therapeutic Art of Ballet for All Kids

Art therapy takes on dance using innovative methods to help children with autism.
Anya Tchoupakov