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Andrew James Weatherhead Proves You Don’t Have to Share Every Single Thing That Comes Into Your Mind

Andrew James Weatherhead is my everything and he has a new book.


Trials and Tribulations of a Portrait Photographer

In 1978 I was working at a portrait studio in a mall in Orange County and living with my soon-to-be ex-wife. She had given me the green light to sleep around, but I was still miserable.


Tommy Guerrero - Unsung Hero of Krooked Skateboards

A street skater at a time when vert was king, Tommy Guerrero was in many ways the antithesis of the rest of his teammates on the Bones Brigade. In the early 90s, when vert was in its decline, he teamed up with some old friends to start two companies...


The Case of the Dead Panty Thief

Flowertown, USA, is a utopia that we'd all like to visit someday. It's like Lake Wobegon except all the women are zaftig, all the men are oddballs, and all the children are nonexistent. In this episode Detective Phil O'Dendron can tell that something...


Joe Wenderoth Cannot Be Vanquished

Wenderoth's newest book, If I Don’t Breathe How Do I Sleep, is a dark and peculiar volume you might keep in the same drawer with your Faces of Death tapes and the Flowers of Evil. I talked to him about his new poetry collection and...


Someone has Worms

Megg is a witch, Mogg is her cat/boyfriend. Together they get high and are a constant source of frustration for their roommate, Owl, who is trying his very hardest to hold it together. In this episode one of the gang has worms! Can you solve the...


Todd 'REAS' James Has a Thing for Witches and Boobs

Todd James, a.k.a. REAS, has a new art show opening Thursday in Manhattan at the Sandra Gering gallery. You should go. I’m going.


I Went to Art Basel and Tried to "Get" Art

A while ago, I wrote a thing about how I don't "get" art. In the piece, I dared to suggest that maybe it was silly that a neon sign that says "my cunt is wet with fear" is worth $100,000. It was read by a lot of people, many of whom disagreed with me...


Adam Wallacavage’s Funhouse

While Adam still fancies himself a photographer, in recent years his passion has shifted to sculpting unique and fantastic chandeliers out of plaster in the form of octopus tentacles, snakeheads, and other ghoulish creatures. His new show opens on...


Experience Jocko Weyland's Analog Cacophony

Peoples of San Francisco: Friday evening Jocko Weyland, long-time rambler of the East and VICE contributor, is having an art opening at Ever Gold gallery. The show, Crackle, Hiss, and Scrawl, will feature more than 80 hours of Jocko's cassette...


Come On, Get Lonely

Some of our favorite lady artists are going to be in a group show on September 12 at Martos gallery in Chelsea. The show, titled Lonely Girl, got its name from the YouTube web series LonelyGirl15, which trolled the entire internet in 2006 by presenting...


Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #91

Dear Sequential Graphics Enthusiasts, my name is Nicholas and this is my weekly column for VICE, in which I share news, images, and reviews pertaining to comics, books, illustration, fine art, and general nerd interest.