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Ask a Lawyer: Can Hotels Really Deny Entrance to Rappers?

Meek Mill was recently turned away from a hotel in Vegas, and plans to sue. We asked a lawyer whether he has a case.
Jessica Meiselman

Ask a Lawyer: What Do 6ix9ine's New Charges Mean for His Future?

The rapper was arrested on Monday in NYC on racketeering and firearms charges.
Jessica Meiselman
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The Bill that Brought Kid Rock to the White House, Explained

What exactly is the Music Modernization Act?
Jessica Meiselman
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Ask a Lawyer: Can Rappers Get Paid for Creating 'Fortnite' Dances?

The legal short answer is, well, it's complicated.
Jessica Meiselman
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How Easy Is it for Businesses to Walk Away from Problematic Artists?

Following Spotify's new conduct policies for curated playlists, we examine the legal and ethical mechanisms lurking beneath the surface of right vs. wrong.
Andrea Domanick
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The Only Reason Meek Mill Is Free Is Because He's a Celebrity

Meek Mill's release should be a rallying cry, but while we celebrate we must remember that millions like him continue to struggle on a daily basis with our broken justice system.
Jack Idlas
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A Lawyer Explains Who Really Owns Your Tattoos

Just because it's inked on your bicep doesn't mean it's yours.
Kara Weisenstein
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The Music Legal Forecast for 2017

Trump, streaming platforms, and Kodak Black are at the center of big legal questions for the music industry in 2017.
Jessica Meiselman
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A Lawyer Explains How Drunk You Have to Be to Get Arrested

"If you're being suspected of being drunk in public, say absolutely nothing."
Lauren Messman
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What Is Going on with Kodak Black's Legal Situation?

And why have other rappers not been able to get the same kind of decisions in court?
Jessica Meiselman

Why Rich People Set Up Trust Funds for Their Pets

A dachshund in New York is currently battling for a $100,000 trust fund. We asked a pet trust attorney why—and how—pets inherit their owners' riches.
VICE Staff
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Can Brands Really Make Artists Change Their Names?

Burberry's suit against Burberry Perry is the latest in a long history of brands and artists clashing over trademark infringement.
Jessica Meiselman