Anzac Day

How Rupert Murdoch’s Dad Turned Gallipoli Into Australian Folklore

Before the Murdoch empire consumed the planet, Keith Murdoch was a young reporter looking for war stories in Europe. He got lucky in Turkey.
Lee Zachariah
Cricket Scandals

Australia’s Naughtiest Cricket Boys, Ranked

Can newcomers Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith hold their own against Shane Warne and Boony?
VICE Staff
The Ocean

Congratulations to This Woman and Her Massive Fish

A British tourist has caught a freakishly large bass of the coast of Western Australia.
Katherine Gillespie
Australia Today

Australia's Sausage Sizzle Obsession Is Officially a Health Concern

Frankly shocking new research has revealed the adverse health effects of eating processed meat all the time.
Katherine Gillespie

A Sydney Dad Has Been Photographing Mardi Gras for 25 Years

Ian Lever's candid black and white photos from the 1990s and 2000s show how the parade has changed over time.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

Melbourne Cinema Cancels ‘Deep Throat’ Screening After Backlash

Anti-pornography campaigners cited Linda Lovelace's claim that she was forced into the movie at gunpoint.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Uni Life

Students at Melbourne Uni Don't Want Any Loose Talk on Their Porn Ban

"Just so y'all know, there's some girl from a magazine trying super hard to get some quotes from Ormondians about the internet filter."
Maddison Connaughton

Vicki Lowing Keeps Five Crocodiles In Her Melbourne Backyard

Raised in captivity and comfortable with humans, Vicki's crocs sometimes even sleep in her bed.
Katherine Gillespie
Australia Today

Australia's New Thing Is Manufacturing Weapons

Malcolm Turnbull has announced a plan to make us one of the world's largest arms exporters within the decade. Bring on World War Three!
Katherine Gillespie
Australia Today

Three Canberra Men Arrested in $500 Million Cocaine Bust

The trio were arrested in a Serbian hotel lobby following an international police investigation.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

Most Australians Have No Idea Why We Celebrate on January 26

A new poll shows only 38 percent of us know about the whole First Fleet thing.
Katherine Gillespie
we saw this

Is Launceston the New Berlin?

No. But this year’s Mona Foma left Hobart for the first time, and the result was inspiring.
Katherine Gillespie