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Sex, Death, and Social Media at the Annual Porn Awards

Five female porn stars have died within the last three months. At the AVN Awards, there was a strange mix of acknowledgment and carrying on with business as usual.
Kevin EG Perry
Noisey News

Lil Wayne Did a 16-Minute Medley at the AVN Porn Industry Awards

Grammys? Who? While most of the industry were busy prepping for Music's Biggest Night, Wayne took to a different ceremony.
Noisey UK Staff

What Happens When Porn Stars Get Pregnant?

"How do you think you're gonna raise a child when all you do is suck dick for a living?"
Jessica P. Ogilvie
Meet the Nieratkos

What Makes an Award-Winning Porno?

We spoke to AVN senior editor Peter Warren to find out what it takes to get an award for doin' it.
Chris Nieratko
Searching for Music at the AVNs

I Interviewed a Porn Star About Deathcore and Stagediving

Meet Necro Nicki, hardcore music enthusiast.
Drew Millard
Searching for Music at the AVNs

What Music Do People at a Porn Convention Like?

We went to the AVN Awards to find out.
Drew Millard

Coolio Told Us About the Racists Who Tried to Stop His Pornhub Music Video Shoot

After Coolio arrived at the set, the rapper says white neighbors called the cops because they wanted him out of their neighborhood.
Mitchell Sunderland
Meet the Nieratkos

Bonnie Rotten, the AVN Performer of the Year, Has Super Powers

Two weeks ago it was announced that Bonnie Rotten was the 2014 AVN Performer of the Year. The other day I stopped by her house to discuss her naughty grandma and teenage gang bangs, among other things.
Chris Nieratko