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A Buddhist Who Won $600K at a Poker Tournament Is Giving It All Away

"Being a practitioner of Buddhism, we sit around and meditate a lot—and that's free."
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Influencer Was Attacked by a Shark While Chasing the Perfect Gram

And she certainly got the shot.
River Donaghey
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Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Has Been Arrested

The 25-year-old has been charged with wire fraud in connection with the festival. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison.
Alex Robert Ross

Fyre Festival’s 25-Year-Old Organiser: “This Is the Worst Day of My Life”

The 25-year-old tech entrepreneur behind the festival described the fiasco as essentially an act of God.
Gabrielle Bluestone
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Everything’s Better In the Bahamas

This heavenly coral-based archipelago has it all.
Ariel Katz

Brain-Melting Machines, 3D Animation, and Underwater Art | Culture Beat Episode 1

In the first episode of Culture Beat, we visit "Detroitis" sculptor Ryan Doyle, check out 3D designer and animator Randy Cano's home studio, and scuba dive down to Jason DeCaires Taylor's underwater sculpture garden.
The Creators Project

It's PROM Season: Listen To Their New Song "Mindsight"

Their dreamy track will have you floating high above your problems and send your brain straight to the beach.
Annalise Domenighini
Tales of Adventure

The Mysterious Beach Pigs Of Big Major Cay

Check out these photos of adorable pigs living in a non-terrifying 'Animal Farm' meets 'Lord Of The Flies' style paradise.
Wendy Syfret
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Scenes from Motörhead’s Motörboat Cruise: Butts, Body Paint, and Bellyflops (NSFW, Obviously)

Photographer Melissa Castro hit the pool deck to document all the wet, wonderful weirdness that goes down when you put a thousand metalheads on a cruise ship.
Kim Kelly
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I Survived Motörhead's Motörboat Cruise

Metal, karaoke, and belly flops under the blazing Caribbean sun.
Kim Kelly
The Noisey Guide to

The Metalhead's Guide to Going on a Cruise

Noisey is here to help all you sweaty, black-clad metalheads pack your bags properly for Motörhead’s Motörboat cruise.
Noisey Staff

Premiere: Swallow Those "Bitter Memories" With the New Video by Bahamas

They want to make you feel things with this old school hand-drawn video.
Benjamin Boles