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Guy Who Destroyed Trump's Star Getting Bailed Out by the First Guy to Smash It

We've truly come full circle.
Drew Schwartz
Life Inside

I'm a Bail Bondsman Who's Tired of Being Demonized

A small business owner offers a personal counterargument to the movement in the US that aims to treat people who get arrested with more leniency.
Chris Blaylock as told to Alysia Santo
America Incarcerated

Will New York Scrap Its Broken Bail System?

A state senator from Queens wants to scrap the archaic system of holding some people in jail before their trial unless they can pay for freedom.
John Surico
The Prison Issue

How to Repair the Criminal Justice System

We talked to leaders and activists spearheading prison reform to find out what we can do to fix our broken penal system.
Various Authors

What It's Like to Be a Female Bounty Hunter in Las Vegas

"People underestimate me, but that can be good for my job," says Uyen Vu.
سامانثا ريا

Paying Bail in New York Is a Bureaucratic Nightmare, Especially if You're Poor

For many, the bail process is like a losing game of Life: Every mistake you make means three steps backward.
John Surico

This Is What It's Like to Be a Bail Bondsman in Las Vegas

"The largest bail we fronted money for was $500,000. It was for a doctor who had a clinic here in Vegas. He was re-using syringes and infecting people with hepatitis C."
سامانثا ريا
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This Man Hid Under a Stranger's Bed for Three Days to Charge His Cell Phones

After breaking and entering into a stranger's home, this man hid under a bed for three days and charged all four of his cell phones.
Michael Cuby

New York City Is Reforming Bail to Keep More People Away From the Hellhole That Is Rikers Island

The idea is to keep track of low-risk defendants via text messages or in-person meetings so they can hold onto their jobs and steer clear of the violence at the city's notorious jail complex.
Allie Conti

New York City Is Creating a Bail Fund to Help People Get Out of Jail

Tucked away into New York's new budget is a bail fund of $1.4 million, but will it help reduce the population at notoriously brutal city jails like Rikers Island?
John Surico
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Watch John Oliver Rip Apart America's Bail System on 'Last Week Tonight'

How can a nonviolent offender spend time in Rikers because he couldn't pay his $1,000 bail, while millionaire freak Robert Durst can drop $250,000 and stroll free?
River Donaghey

Nearly Half of Canadians Are Fine with Omar Khadr’s Bail, but Not Many Like Him

While nearly 40 percent of Canadians see Khadr as a child soldier, about one in four still consider him a terrorist.
Rachel Browne