PUBG Will Now Impose a 10-Year Ban on Any Player Caught Cheating

After banning more than 30,000 players last year, PUBG has now developed tools and technologies to identify users engaging in unfair practices.


Vapes and E-Cigarettes Could Soon Be Classified as ‘Drugs’ in India

Does the device considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes deserve to be criminalised while tobacco companies continue to get away?


'Ban Alcohol or We Won't Vote': Rural Women in South India Warn Political Leaders

Reeling from the consequences of rampant alcoholism among men in rural areas, many women in the south Indian state of Karnataka are protesting using their vote.


India Arrests Players of 'Addictive' Online Video Game

Labelled “a demon in every house”, PUBG is facing a crackdown in Gujarat.


Sex Bloggers Say Tumblr Is 'as Good as Gone' After Porn Ban

"That's what tech does. It harnesses people for profitability, and then it destroys their worlds when capitalism decides we're not useful enough anymore.”


The Government’s Amyl Ban has Been Shredded by LGBTIQ+ Health Advocates

Experts are championing the sexual health benefits of huffing amyl.


This Mayor Just Banned His City's Rec Centers from Buying Nike Products

In an apparent response to the new Colin Kaepernick ad.


Why Are Trans People Being Banned From Tinder?

The dating app won’t really explain why it keeps happening.


Justin Bieber Is Banned from China For Causing 'Discontent Among the Public'

He's now not allowed to perform in the People's Republic, according to an official statement.


Electronics Devices Banned On UK Flights from Muslim-Majority Countries

No laptops will be allowed, along with any phones, tablets and DVD players over a certain size.


This Statue of Liberty Drawing Became a Symbol of the "No Ban, No Wall" Movement | Monday Insta Illustrator

Jamie Hu's illustration has been shared by thousands to protest Trump's Muslim ban.