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What Trump's Missile Strike Means for Syrians Like Me

As an asylum seeker in the US, I understand why so many cheered the attack on Assad's airbase.
Loubna Mrie

Questions That Remain After Trump's Sudden Syria Missile Strike

After the president abruptly changed his posture toward the Syrian government, it remains unclear what will happen next.
Harry Cheadle
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Trump Is Reportedly Considering More Military Action in Syria

In two days, the president has seemingly changed his mind about whether the US should become more involved in one of the world's most horrible conflicts.
Allie Conti

We Asked Experts if Syrian President Bashar Assad Will Ever Be Punished for War Crimes

The embattled strongman could eventually find exile in Russia—if he doesn't wind up before the International Criminal Court.
Pierre Bienaimé

America Helped Make the Islamic State

While America pats itself on the back for taking on Islamic militants in Iraq, it's worth remembering that it's fighting a monster of its own creation.
Charles Davis

The Week In GIFs

The Week In GIFs
Rocco Castoro
ground zero

The Destruction of Daraa

Three years after it began, rebels are still in a deadlocked civil war with President Bashar al Assad and his sympathizers. VICE went to Daraa to see out where the revolution started, where it continues, and where the loss to the people of Syria can be...
VICE Staff

Fighting in Syria Is Inching Lebanon Closer to Civil War

As world leaders meet at the Geneva II conference to discuss the conflict in Syria, violence there is bleeding over its borders into neighboring Lebanon. Now, after multiple bombings in Tripoli, Lebanon may be headed toward the brink.
Robert King
The Holding Court Issue

Strolling the Champs-Élysées with 120,000 Syrian Refugees

On August 21, Mohamed watched rockets fly over his village outside Damascus. Rumors spread that the rockets had been loaded with sarin nerve gas. When he returned home, two of his children were dead. Mohamed left Syria, and five days later, I met him...
Robert King as Told to Rocco Castoro and Angelina Fa
Inside Schilling

Vladimir Putin Is Charming the Pants Off the G20

The Russian leader keeps showing up Barack Obama on Syria. There are many theories as to why the wave of opinion is pushing back against American intervention in the Middle East, but maybe it's that Putin is just cooler than Obama.
Dave Schilling