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What are Pieces of the Berlin Wall Doing In a Jakarta Skatepark?

For 27 years, four pieces of the Berlin Wall sat in Teguh Ostenrik's art studio. Now, they're a visible reminder of the invisible walls that still divide us all.


Inside East Berlin’s Humungous Cold War Surveillance Archive

Photographer Adrian Fish documents East Germany’s civilian surveillance program in images that are as simple as they are disturbing.


The Spanish Park Filled with Copies of Famous European Monuments

Parque Europa stretches over 233,000 square meters and boasts a replica of Tower Bridge and the Copenhagen Mermaid among its attractions.


A History of Walls

Donald Trump wants to build a wall and thinks Mexico will pay for it, but how have walls fared throughout history, and what can this teach us?


Shredded Spy Agency Documents Become Readymade Art

Conceptual artist Daniel Knorr artistically explores the legacy of East Germany’s spy agency, the Stasi.


Meeting the Creators of 'Deutschland 83

,' the German TV Show That Will Make You Nostalgic for the Cold War

Set in 1983, the Cold War drama deals with life in Germany on the brink of the fall of the Berlin Wall through the eyes of a young man who's forced to become a Stasi spy.


Data Viz Stacks the Entire Berlin Wall into a Single Frame

Turkish new media artist Erdal Inci reimagines the Berlin Wall as a fractal 3D model.


Photographing the Faces of Berlin's Graffiti Scene

Norman Behrendt portraits of Berlin's most prominent graffiti writers serve as a comment on the duality of their lives.


A Man Let a Monkey Design His Back Tattoo

The results are surprisingly beautiful.


Don't Buy the 'Charlie Hebdo' Survivor Issue on eBay

People are paying hundreds or even thousands for one of the most ghoulish "collector's items" of all time.


Tresor's Founder Wants to Build a Berlin-Style Techno Club in Detroit. Does the City Need It?

Dimitri Hegemann's plan to build a techno club in Detroit's Fisher Body Plant 21 will face some major hurdles.


An Inside Look at the 8,000 LED Balloon Recreation of the Berlin Wall

We spoke to Christopher Bauder, the light artist who co-created the symbolic 'Lichtgrenze' border between what was once East and West Germany.