big tobacco


The Dirty Story of How Big Tobacco Was Brought Down to Size

This month is the 20th anniversary of a deal that changed the face of smoking – and prompted a bunch of dirty tactics from the tobacco companies in the process.
Gavin Haynes
climate change

Meet the Lawyer Trying to Make Big Oil Pay for Climate Change

The attorney who won a $200 billion settlement from tobacco companies in the 90s has set his sights on an even bigger target.
Geoff Dembicki
Here Be Dragons

How I Accidentally Invested in Big Tobacco

Or: conclusive proof that betting against the world really does make you richer.
Martin Robbins

Lawyers See Dollar Signs in Exploding Vapes

E-cigs bursting into flames are a potential gold mine for ambulance chasers.
Luke Winkie

America Is About to See How Guns Used in Mass Shootings Are Marketed

A lawyer for the survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre explains why the recent ruling forcing the maker of Adam Lanza's gun to open its book is such a huge victory.
Allie Conti

The Coming Corporate Future of the Marijuana Industry

It seems inevitable that the marijuana industry will be dominated by major corporations, but what will those corporations look like?
T. Kid

The Cynical and Weird Hypocrisy of Florida's Marijuana Opponents

If you listen to opponents of Florida's medical marijuana ballot initiative, it will unleash the gates of hell: skyrocketing crime, brain-dead zombies roaming the streets and Floridians flocking to rusty shacks covered in dirt to purchase their...
Lee Fang
The Profiles Issue

Sweet Love Organic eCig Flavors

Like many, I struggled with cigarette addiction. I would fill my spirit with smoke, ash, and tar, forever lying to myself that I was ready to quit.
Sean Tejaratchi

Is Obama Going to Do Anything About Dangerous Child Labor on Southern Tobacco Farms?

Short answer: Probably not.
Matt Taylor

Three Whistleblowers Talk About Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning

The US government's pursuit of those who break rank to expose its secrets has emerged as the dominant narrative of this decade's war for information. I thought I'd speak to a trio of high-profile whistleblowers who know all about the repercussions of...
Danny McDonald