Bill Clinton

George HW Bush

Former President George H. W. Bush Dead at 94

Bush's decades of service, both in elected office and in American diplomacy and intelligence, made him a kind of paragon of the American public figure.
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Bill Clinton Wrote a Thriller About a Heroic President with a Dead Wife

'The President Is Missing' tells the story of an idealized Bill Clinton, without the sex scandals or living wife, who saves America.
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The Time Gun Control Actually Happened After a Horrific Mass Shooting

In 1993, an unhinged man shot eight people to death and injured six more before killing himself in a San Francisco skyscraper. What happened next is hard to imagine 25 years later.
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Drake’s Favorite Lawyer Wants to Change the World With $2 Bills

Bankruptcy lawyer Steve Reisman has spent the last decade giving away "thousands upon thousands upon thousands" of $2 bills.
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Bill Clinton Is Now Writing Fiction for Your Dad

He's coauthoring a political thriller, 'The President Is Missing,' with best-selling writer James Patterson.
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1996 in Music: A Completely Pointless Analysis of Old Polling Data

Looking back at a time when everyone was mad at Courtney Love.
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A Former Reporter Says Bill Clinton Groped Her in New Sex Assault Allegation

Leslie Millwee says the former president assaulted her three separate times in 1980 while she was a reporter for local station KLMN-TV.
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Four Mind-Bending Things 'The X-Files' Taught Us About the Bill Clinton Era

Berlin-based producer Heatsick explored the cult TV show as part of PAN's takeover of London's ICA.
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Why Bill Clinton's Sex Scandals Still Matter

The controversy over Bill Clinton's conduct wasn't just the product of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," it was the result of his habit of lying and obfuscation.
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A Definitive Ranking of US Presidents from Lamest to Coolest

Was Barack Obama the coolest president? Is anyone less cool than Rutherford B. Hayes?
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Why Donald Trump Is Resurrecting the Insane Vince Foster Conspiracy

The presumptive Republican nominee is now suggesting that his likely opponent may have killed somebody.
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Bill Clinton Just Blew Up at Black Lives Matter Protesters Over Hillary's 'Super Predator' Remark

The former president defended his 1994 crime bill, and the now-infamous phrase his wife used to defend it.
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